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Abu Dhabi imposes new restrictions to prevent coronavirus from spreading

 Abu Dhabi imposes new restrictions to prevent coronavirus from spreading

Abu Dhabi (NNI) - 

New restrictions have been imposed in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Abu Dhabi media office said in a statement. Under Abu Dhabi, gatherings and celebrations are strictly prohibited. Film theaters will remain closed. Only ten people will be able to attend weddings and family gatherings. Individuals will be allowed to participate in their total capacity in shopping malls

Only 40% of people will be allowed to visit the competition. Up to 60% of people will be allowed to visit restaurants, cafes, hotels, and government beaches and parks. Privately owned beaches and swimming pools Only 50 percent of the capacity will be allowed to work. Under the precautionary measures against coronavirus, only 50 percent of people can come to the gymnasiums. The circular further said that the capacity of taxis is 45 percent. And the buses are being limited to 75 percent. There will be a ban on onboarding more than that. The government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi on Saturday made it mandatory for government employees to take the Weed-19 test every week and in offices. Only 30 percent of employees were instructed to attend. Abu Dhabi's media office reported in a tweet on Saturday that "the Department of Government Support has approved a reduction in attendance of employees in government and semi-government institutions and now Only 30% of employees will be present in the offices. The purpose of this decision is to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the emirate, to implement precautionary measures. And the health of employees and their families is protected. The number of daily cases of coronavirus in the UAE has been on the rise since December, with more than 3,000 cases of cod 19 being registered daily. The vaccination campaign is also in full swing and so far more than three million people have been vaccinated against COVD-19.

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