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An American engineer designed a powerful weapon even with a hydrogen bomb

 An American engineer designed a powerful weapon even with a hydrogen bomb

Washington DC (NNI) - A US Navy engineer has claimed that his designed weapon is so dangerous that even the world's most powerful hydrogen bomb will look like a small firecracker in front of him. The War Zone website recently reported in a special report, citing some official but "non-confidential" documents and patents of the US Navy, as well as many other inventions. The salvator is Caesar Pease, a senior aerospace engineer in the US Navy.

Almost all of Dr. Pease's inventions are bizarre, but The War Zone website claims that these "UFO patents" are in the US Navy's Naval Air Warfare Center. But in practice, something has definitely happened. It should be noted that they have been given the name "UFO Patents" because of their amazing and unbelievable nature. Hardly any of these inventions have not been called "revolutionary" by its creator, Dr. Salvatore Pease. One such invention is the "Space Time Modification Weapon", a weapon that " It will change the fabric of time and space! Based on his "ideas", especially the "Pease Effect", Dr. Pease claims that not only can planes be built that are considered impossible, but such " It is also possible to invent a "craft" that can fly in the air as well as travel at extraordinary speeds in the depths of the ocean. About SMW, Dr. Pease says that this weapon is so powerful and so dangerous. In front of him, even the most powerful atomic bomb of the present time will feel like an ordinary cracker because it will "change time and place with its power." But how? There is no explanation for this. The War Zone has claimed, through official documents and emails, that the Pentagon had paid the US Navy large sums of money for initial work on the weapons. As in the Cold War of the past, the US Navy, while demanding money for these projects, told the Pentagon that work had begun on similar weapons in China. And that if this work is not started immediately in the United States, it could have serious consequences for American security.

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