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China plans to build the world's largest dam near the Indian border

China plans to build the world's largest dam near the Indian border


China plans to build the world's largest hydroelectric dam in the foothills of the Himalayas, just 30 kilometers from the Indian border. According to foreign media, in November last year, Chinese state media reported that Tibet was independent. In the region (TAR), Beijing shared plans to build a 60-megawatt mega-dam on the Yarling Sangpu River. By 2060, Beijing has redoubled its efforts on hydropower projects in Tibet for the purpose of carbon-free. Environmentalists criticize hydropower projects

Tampa Geltson Zamla, head of the ecology department at the Tibet Institute, said Tibetans had lost everything they had seen and heard on their land. It is thought that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) "Before the Chinese occupation, we didn't have any dams because we weren't able to damage it, but because we have a lot of respect for the rivers," said Tampa Gelston. There is a very strict tradition that no one will go near certain canals and no one will do anything that will damage the canal or other canal coming out of the river, even if you do not need rules. Because every Tibetan abides by it. He said that China will do anything for its development and it is very disappointing because the people of Tibet have not been consulted in this regard. In this regard, he said that the proposed mega-dam site is just 30 km from the Indian border and the CCP will definitely try to use it as a political tool. On the other hand, a spokesman for the Indian Ministry of Water Resources said that they would respond with the construction of a 10 GW project in the Brahmaputra.

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