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Controversy over T-shirt escalates in Canada and China

 Controversy over T-shirt escalates in Canada and China


The controversy over just one T-shirt has strained Sino-Canadian relations. According to a foreign news agency, China has staged a formal protest against an employee of the Canadian embassy in Beijing for ordering a T-shirt order, blaming China for the coronavirus. There is an impression and according to Chinese officials, this T-shirt is a mockery of Chinese measures against the epidemic. Chinese Foreign Ministry

The spokesman said he had made it clear to the Canadian government that he would immediately investigate the matter and inform us of its findings. A Canadian diplomat is ordering a T-shirt with a bat on it. The image is thought to be an indication of the theory that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, with bats sold at an animal market there spreading the virus worldwide. It is not the shape of a bat, but the English alphabet W, which is the symbol of a New York hip-hop group, Wu-Tang. Relations between the two countries have soured since Meng Wenzhou's arrest. Meng has been charged with forgery in the United States and has been in custody in Canada ever since. China has repeatedly demanded the release of Meng from Canada. In response to Meng's arrest, China has detained a number of Canadian businessmen and banned several Canadian imports into China. The Canadian was also sentenced in China.

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