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Dilip Kumar expresses his desire for ancestral home dispute in Pakistan

 Dilip Kumar expresses his desire for ancestral home dispute in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) - The news of the conversion of Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar's house and Kapoor family's residence into a museum in Peshawar has created a wave of happiness among his fans but there are still some hurdles in the move. Dilip Kumar's spokesman Faisal Farooq has stressed the need to resolve the dispute between the current owners and the government over the ancestral homes of Dilip Kumar and the Kapoor family in Peshawar as soon as possible. From Dilip Kumar's house and Kapoor Haveli

It has been decided to preserve it and turn it into a museum and practical work has started in this regard. Since then, fans of these artists are very happy. According to the BBC, Faisal Farooqi said that The current owners of the museum should set the prices by mutual consent so that the plan to set up the museum can be completed as soon as possible. It is to be noted that the news is circulating in the local media that The current owner of the company has refused to sell it to the government for Rs 8 million. Faisal Farooqi says that Peshawar is the home of great South Asian artists Dilip Kumar, Kapoor family, Shah Rukh Khan and other artists. It has an importance that is recognized all over the world. Now, if the ancestral homes of legendary South Asian artists Dilip Kumar and other high-profile artists, including the Kapoor family, are preserved, it will not only increase Peshawar's importance, but also further strengthen Peshawar and Pakistan's tourism industry. Faisal Farooqi said that Peshawar lives in the heart of Dilip Kumar. He often mentions Peshawar and his ancestral home. If the government of Pakistan plans to preserve the ancestral homes of Dilip Kumar and Kapoor family and set up a museum in them, then practical work begins. So fans of these legendary artists all over the world can offer their support in one way or another. According to Faisal Farooqi, two brothers of Dilip Kumar have died from Corona. After which Dilip Kumar and his wife legend actress Saira Bano are spending most of their time in quarantine.

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