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Discovery of the world's smallest chameleon

Discovery of the world's smallest chameleon

NEW YORK (Reuters Health)

Scientists have discovered the world's smallest chameleon, measuring just 0.7 inches long. Called "Brocasia nana", the chameleon is small enough to fit on human nails. Scientists say only one female and one male of this chameleon have been found in the forests of Madagascar. Other chameleons may be hiding in these forests. Brocasia nana, also known as "Nano"

Both males and females of the chameleon are adults, with females relatively taller than males. In the nano chameleon, the male has a body length of 13.5 mm, while the length, including the tail, is 21.6 mm. The female nano chameleon has a body length of 19.2 mm and a length of 28.9 mm, including the tail. The relentless deforestation has severely affected the natural ecosystem here. Scientists hope that thousands of other species like this will survive extinction as the area has recently been decimated by hunting and deforestation. The area has been declared safe from harvesting. After which no animal can be hunted here and no deforestation can take place.

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