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Evil intentions to skyrocket sugar prices in Ramadan

 Evil intentions to skyrocket sugar prices in Ramadan

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk)

As the prices of petroleum products are rising, so is the rise in prices. The Chinese mafia has rallied to raise sugar prices even before Ramadan. In the blessed month of Ramadan, the price of sugar can go up to Rs 115. According to Airport, sugar mills across the country have increased the ex-mill price of sugar by Rs 50 per kg on February 6 through an undercover cartel and the Sugar Dealers Association Asian wholesalers and retailers are also Chinese

According to the report, in the coming week, sugar mills will unanimously increase the price of sugar from Rs 90 to Rs 95 per kg and the price of sugar will go up before Ramadan. Increasing to Rs 110 to Rs 115 per kg will be retail. It is to be noted that despite the efforts of the government, the inflation in food items could not be stopped. The price of chicken increased by 3%, chili by 7.5%, and cooking oil by 2.5%. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics released weekly inflation data. According to the report, inflation has risen by 0.53 percent in the last week. On a year-on-year basis, the overall inflation rate has reached 7.82 percent, a record increase in prices of 31 food items in one week. The price of chicken has gone up by Rs 5 per kg. According to statistics, the price of chicken has gone up to Rs 213 per kg. Cooking oil has gone up by Rs 6 and garlic by Rs 2 per kg in a week. Last week, diesel went up by Rs 2.88 per liter and petrol by Rs 2.70 per liter. This week, light diesel has gone up by Rs 3 and kerosene by Rs 3.54 per liter. Domestic LPG cylinders have gone up by Rs 37 per liter. Tomatoes became cheaper by Rs 4.75 per kg and eggs by Rs 1 per dozen. Prices of sugar, onions, potatoes, bananas, and flour declined during the week. Prices of 13 essential commodities remained stable during the week.

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