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National exports are expected to increase by 6 6 billion, creating 3 million new jobs

 National exports are expected to increase by 6 6 billion, creating 3 million new jobs

ISLAMABAD: Vice President of Pakistan Business Forum Chaudhry Ahmad Jawad has said that Horticulture Vision 2030 will increase national exports by 6 6 billion. In the next five years, 1.5 million people will get jobs, while in ten years, 3 million new jobs will be created. In fact, Pakistan has not been able to significantly increase the global market for horticulture. During 2019, the global trade of the sector has been more than 200 200 billion. In an exclusive interview with the media, Chaudhry Ahmad Jawad said that the Egyptian agricultural sector

The Sustainable Development Strategy could be beneficial for Pakistan, under which Egypt has expanded its horticulture exports to 3. 3.2 billion, focusing on boosting exports in the horticulture sector. Egypt is earning huge foreign exchange from exports of malt, grapes, potatoes, strawberries, and onions to the Russian Federation, the European Union, and the Middle East. He said that in view of the current global situation of COD-19, there has been a significant increase in the consumption of various fruits, vegetables, and especially cannabis, which are rich in vitamins, which has helped in reducing the effects of the epidemic and boosting the immune system. However, we have not been able to take advantage of this opportunity. Ahmed Jawad said that Pakistan is one of the ten largest producers of sour fruits but the ratio of exports to production is low. Canoe, a major fruit grown in the horticulture sector in Pakistan, has the potential to become a major export due to its quality and taste, but it is important to remove barriers to canola exports to Iran and Afghanistan. The quality needs to be improved. He said that despite all the difficulties, despite the supply and transport problems caused by the coronavirus during the last financial year, Pakistan's fruit and vegetable exports have increased by 12.5 percent and earned ڈالر 730 million in foreign exchange. As a result of effective measures taken by the government, fruit exports have increased by 3.8 percent in the last financial year while vegetable exports have increased significantly by 28 percent. Ahmed Jawad added that the target for canola exports to developed countries is only 2.6% as there is a demand for a seedless canoe in these countries and the demand for seedless fruit in the global trade of canoe and sour fruits is 61%. He said that major importers of Pakistani cannabis include Iran, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Afghanistan, Netherlands, UK, Singapore, Russia, and Vietnam. Are Ahmed Jawad said that Russia, Vietnam, and Indonesia have offered zero percent tariff for Pakistani canoe but the quota was issued at a time when the season is drawing to a close. Nevertheless, we have suggested to the government that cannabis be exported to Indonesia in exchange for the purchase of palm oil. Replying to a question, Ahmed Jawad said that the price of canoa in the country has come down by 50% but through effective measures under Horticulture Vision 2030, Pakistan has increased its fruit and vegetable exports to 2 2 billion in just two short years. Exports could be expanded to ارب 6 billion in nine years.

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