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Prices of petroleum products are likely to rise further

 Prices of petroleum products are likely to rise further

ISLAMABAD: The rise in global crude oil prices has pushed the price to a 10-month high. According to the Bloomberg news agency, the global price of crude oil has reached 59 dollars 56 cents per barrel. In one month, the price of crude oil in the world market has gone up by ڈالر 6 per barrel. Due to the increase in the price in the world market, petroleum products in Pakistan are also likely to become more expensive. It should be noted that on 31 January 2021 The prices were increased for the third consecutive year

Increased prices of petroleum products. It should be noted that the prices of petroleum products have increased three times in a row in Pakistan. On the other hand, former federal minister Muhammad Ijaz-ul-Haq has said that the present government has not been able to provide relief to the people in the last two and a half years. These views were expressed by the former federal minister and chief Zia League in an exclusive interview with Jinnah Press Club. He said that Nawaz Sharif's statement was incomprehensible. He just vented his anger. Referring to the broadsheet, he said that nothing more can be extracted now. The money takers and accounts are clear. He said that it was unfortunate that one NAB chairman signed the contract and the other chairman canceled it. Referring to the PDM, he said that it was not an ideological alliance and would never be maintained. The ROs have taken over and by March they will have achieved their full goals. While praising the good deeds of the government, he said that the government has not been able to provide relief to the people in two and a half years and the promise has been constantly broken. Referring to the PML-N, he said that the PML-N N has always been a part of the Establishment.

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