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The 110-year-old woman's singing caused a stir on Tik Tok

 The 110-year-old woman's singing caused a stir on Tik Tok

LONDON (NNI) - A 110-year-old woman's singing caused a stir on popular video-sharing app TickTalk. According to the British News Agency, Amy Hawkins on her 110th birthday sang the most popular song of World War I, "It's a Longway." To Taprieri "was recorded by his 14-year-old son Potisasha and shared on Tik Tak, which has been viewed by 100,000 people so far. Hawkins' daughter and Sasha's mother Hannah Freeman says the video Acceptance is proof that humanity is still in the world

Hawkins, who is more than a century old, was seven years old at the time of World War I and still remembers many things from that era, especially the song. Her daughter says that when she is asked to sing a song, she goes one by one and asks each time to sing another one. Interestingly, Hawkins' mother asked her to perform on stage as a child. Stopped when she wanted to be an artist. He must have been deeply attached to the song. Even in his old age, his wish has been fulfilled and Hawkins is becoming more and more popular day by day due to his unconventional style of singing on the Tick Talk app which has 1 billion users. It is said that reading the comments of the listeners of my songs shows that their eyes get wet because my songs are meant to commemorate the grief of the loss of loved ones.

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