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Yet No one offered marriage directly, Neelam Munir spoke her heart out

 Yet, No one offered marriage directly,

Neelam Munir spoke her heart out

Islamabad (NNI) Actress Neelam Munir said that she has not been offered marriage directly by anyone yet. She said that she keeps receiving marriage proposals through someone but To date, no one has come before him and expressed love and marriage. To a question, he said that every human being is incomplete without love and the day he falls in love with someone, he will express it openly. He said that as a showbiz personality

It is their duty to do something for the people, to help them and to do good deeds. About keeping herself fit, she said that she believes in a balanced diet. On the other hand, famous actress Zara Akbar has said that the world of showbiz is a stronghold of envious and hypocrites, who are bridging the gaps of praise for your departure. Then the same people start your evils and conspiracies, the actors should be separated from it in their heyday. In an interview, Zara Akbar said that it is true that the rising sun is worshiped in the showbiz. "I left the theater in my heyday and moved to London," he said. Artists are also advised to save some resources for their old age. No one asks later. He said that he is sure that his fans will like his upcoming film "Deewana". Model and actor Adnan Khan has played the lead role in this film and the director of this film is Shafiqul Rehman Qamar.

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